What Erectile Dysfunction Is All About

firm and lasting erectionNowadays, impotence, or ED, is a serious and widespread problem, so that many men know that it’s all about their inability to achieve and maintain a firm and lasting erection. Sometimes, this medical condition is a sign of having other underlying health problems that must be treated, and only doctors can diagnose it.

Most Common Symptoms

If you have persistent problems with getting and keeping an erection in addition to decreased sexual desire, you should see a physician because these symptoms indicate ED. If you’re concerned with erection and related sexual issues, such as ejaculatory dysfunction, have heart diseases, diabetes and other medical conditions that may be connected with impotence, or other similar symptoms, you should go to the hospital.

Main Causes of ED and Risk Factors

Basically, male sexual arousal is quite a complex process because it involves nerves, hormones, muscles and others, so impotence may be caused by certain problems with any of them. Its physical causes include clogged blood vessels, hypertension, heart problems, obesity, high cholesterol levels, multiple sclerosis, taking some prescription meds, sleeping disorders, alcoholism, metabolic syndrome, injuries, surgeries, prostate cancer, etc. Psychological causes involve regular stress, relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression and other emotional health conditions.
There are certain risk factors that may contribute to impotence, or ED, such as the above-mentioned medical conditions, smoking, being obese, specific medical treatments, psychological problems, prolonged bicycling, drug addiction and so on.

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Effective Treatment Options

The most common choice made by men with ED is taking special oral drugs, such as the ones that contain sildenafil citrate. Besides, they may decide to use implants, penis pumps and undergo a special surgery if such medications are not suitable or effective. Doctors may advise psychological counseling if impotence is caused by relationship problems and other mental disorders. Finally, don’t forget about making healthy lifestyle choices because they will improve your erection.